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Balin Tech started to work in 2002, as a subsidiary of Machinghaleb Industrial Group to produce various types of aluminum parts, with a focus on the automotive industry and specializing in the production of cylinder head. Balin Tech has developed a complete chain to meet any customer’s requirements, such as designing the complete processes, designing and production of core mould and casting dies, controlling and manufacturing fixtures, special tools and machines for production line and quality evaluation according to the test plan of products, casting, machining and assembly facilities. With these capabilities, more than 5 million aluminum cylinder heads have been produced for local auto-engines.

سرسیلندر بالین تک

Chairman’s Message

n the leadership of our organization, we are looking to create a new context in which it changes our attitude in a way that leads to efficiency increase in both personal and organizational point of view. This platform is based on truth and honesty and we all have commitment to that.

In the secure atmosphere that is created by this platform, we should trust, believe and accompany each other, understand each other’s requirement, become judicious and responsible and are learnt how to listen to the exact meaning of the word, Other characteristic of this secure atmosphere are: forgiveness, love and kindness to human being and to be easy going and optimism. 

رئیس هیئت مدیره بالین تک

In this atmosphere, we see what could not see before, know what did not know before and was not aware of this unconsciousness, here is the point that rapidly increases the personal and organizational efficiency, the change rate is not ten or twenty percent, if the evolution is happened, hundreds of percent increase should be expected and will feel hundreds of percent tension relief and will enjoy a tremendous increase in our calmness and freedom. We will not be sensitive anymore to what we was susceptible before. Low value issues will not be important no longer and give their place to important matters.

Here is the point that, uncompleted backgrounds, saying unsaid words, pasts, prejudice and fixed minded frameworks should be forgotten, here our complaints are in a different way, and will build our desired future in created vacuity, and in next step will create a new future, in which the other’s interests and requirements are included, and we, all together, will build this new future that is not supposed to happen, and with statement of commitment, will form the platform and will move forward with the sense of strength and vitality on the way to the future, as if, we have lived in that future and have felt it from the moment. All these phenomena when come together will form a process that is called transformation.

This is a time-consuming process and we, as the leader of our organization, should be aware of its hard nature and be strong enough and not to be disappointed by the unpleasant troubles in this way, and finally could achieve a high level of personal and organizational efficiency by refining the work atmosphere.

“Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Vaziri Bozorg”

Managing Director’s Message

On behalf of my colleagues and myself in Balin Tech Company, I would like to greet our dear customers.

We are trying to bring confidence in our customers by means of our products, in this way we are proud of the service that we offer them and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to providing quality products along with continuous improvements.

I am proud to be a part of an organization which is committed to accountability, integrity, and reaching for excellence and believe that our organization is a capital for the future generations. Our companions and shareholders has found alliance in these beliefs and believe that in the shadow, mercy and grace of Allah and serious will of our companions and shareholders, we can create an appropriate basis for the capacities and the name of our beloved homeland, “Iran”.

In this endeavor, we welcome and honor all those who have common goals and ideals with us and shake their hands warmly to show our commitment.

“Mohammad Reza Kakvand”

مدیر عامل بالین تک

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