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We will build the future by looking to the past

Establishment of Machinghaleb Company as a parent company, 1981

Carrying out the machining contractor at Megamotoor Company, 1993

Construction of foundry shop in industrial city of Qazvin, 2000

Establishing Balin Tech Company, 2002

Construction of a machining unit in Kooraneh, Qazvin, 2002

Construction of machine shop factory, 2003

Construction of a machining plant in Ahmadabad and transferring the equipment of Megamotor, 2004

The development plan of the foundry shop and transferring to new site, 2011


Balintech Cylinder Heads

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Balintech Message

Managing Director

On behalf of my colleagues and myself in Balin Tech Company, I would like to greet our dear customers.

We are trying to bring confidence in our customers by means of our products, in this way we are proud of the service that we offer them and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to providing quality products along with continuous improvements.

I am proud to be a part of an organization which is committed to accountability, integrity, and reaching for excellence and believe that our organization is a capital for the future generations. Our companions and shareholders has found alliance in these beliefs and believe that in the shadow, mercy and grace of Allah and serious will of our companions and shareholders, we can create an appropriate basis for the capacities and the name of our beloved homeland, “Iran”.

In this endeavor, we welcome and honor all those who have common goals and ideals with us and shake their hands warmly to show our commitment.

“Mohammad Reza Kakvand”


There are features that make the difference

Relying on a combination of experience and youthfulness, as well as the use of modern technology in the world, Balin Tak Industrial Group has been able to conquer the peaks of quality development and upgrade and become the first and largest specialized manufacturer in our country, Iran.
Equipment 95%
Technical knowledge 95%
Quality Control 89%
Laboratories 100%
Customer relationship 98%
Education 80%
Executive specialization 90%

Look to the future for better services

Using its past experience, BalinTek Industrial Group strives to produce the best products and move towards its ideal goal every day. The globalization brand makes every effort to always be the largest and highest quality specialized collection in Iran.

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