BalinTech 1 Factory (Machining factory I)

Balin Tech 1 factory is located in Qazvin, near Kooraneh village, in area of ​​ 16,000 sqm and 10,000 sqm roofed area in two production shop and related administrative departments. Its activity is the machining process of cylinder heads. The factory has been operating since 2002, which started with the installation of at least 20 CNC milling machines from Daewoo and Dahli brands. At the beginning, the plant was responsible only for the machining of Pride cylinder head and now has a variety of cylinder heads for local car manufacturers including; Pride, OHV, S81, national engine cylinder head (EF7), TU5 and TU3 (Peugeot 206), the XU7 (Peugeot 405), Nissan Z24.

Other BalinTech Factory

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