Balin Tech 3 Factory (Machining factory II)

The Nissan Z24 cylinder head machining line has been in Machinghaleb Company since 1998 that was located in Megamotor SAIPA at that time. In 2002 and with establishment of Balin Tech Co. the company was transferred to its current location in Ahmadabad Mostofi. The plant is located on an area of 2000 sqm, with a production area of 1,000 sqm and it is a complementary machining line for XU7 (Peugeot 405) and Nissan Z24 cylinder heads.

Other BalinTech Factory

کارخانه بالین تک 1
BalinTech 1 Factory
کارخانه بالین تک 2
BalinTech 2 Factory
کارخانه بالین تک 4
BalinTech 4 Factory